About BOMA

The Lowdown on BOMA Georgia

What is BOMA?

The Building Owners and Managers Association of Georgia (BOMA Georgia) is a trade association representing one of the largest and most revenue-generating industries in the state: commercial real estate. In Georgia, commercial real estate contributes approximately $5 billion to the state’s economy; generates nearly $1.7 billion in new taxable personal earnings and supports nearly 46,000 jobs.

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Who Is BOMA?

The BOMA Georgia staff is a six-person team of association professionals, each with a set of specific skills aimed at moving BOMA down the road of strategic success. Additionally, BOMA Georgia is governed and led by a Board of Directors comprised of 16 members, including a five-person Executive Committee.

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How to Join

Joining BOMA Georgia is easy, no matter what your commercial real estate background. Access membership applications here or simply call the BOMA Georgia office at (404) 475-9980 to inquire about membership.

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Becoming involved in a BOMA Georgia committee is one of the best ways to enhance your member experience. Committee participation provides countless networking and leadership development opportunities. Participating in a committee is also a rewarding way to gain a better understanding of the association.

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Shared Interest Groups

BOMA Georgia shared interest groups (SIGs) are designed to bring individuals with like interests together in an environment that fosters learning and professional growth through shared experiences. BOMA SIGs are education-based groups that either meet throughout the year for networking events or seminars, or act as a network through which to share targeted information of particular interest to you.

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The success of BOMA Georgia events and offerings depends on the generosity of our appreciated annual sponsors, listed here. BOMA Georgia offers various levels of sponsorship, suitable for a variety of budgets and marketing needs.

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BOMA Georgia annually presents association awards, which are among the highest honors bestowed by the association. Individuals may nominate themselves, a co-worker, vendor, BOMA Georgia staff member or anyone who is employed by a BOMA Georgia member company who has made a significant contribution to BOMA during the preceding year.

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Building Excellence

Discover how to distinguish your building from the rest by learning more about the BOMA Stars and BOMA 360 programs.

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In the interest of transparency and full disclosure, the BOMA Georgia bylaws are accessible here. If you have any questions about the contents of these bylaws, please contact the BOMA Georgia office at (404) 475-9980.

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