The BOMA Safety and Security Organization (BSSO) gives security and life safety professionals at commercial office buildings and other commercial properties the opportunity to enhance their professionalism; increase knowledge of important aspects of safety and security; enhance their knowledge of property operations and management; and return value to the owners; managers; building tenants and visitors; and assets they serve.

Filling the need for CRE-focused safety and security training and enhancing the effectiveness of property management and building operations, BSSO programming addresses the soft skills and best practices that lead to better overall safety, security, and building operations. Individuals who may join the BSSO are building security personnel; guards; property and portfolio-level security directors professionals; and others with similar safety and security responsibilities. 

If a BSSO member leaves the property/facility management company they serve, the property/facility management company may reassign the membership to another individual. 

Membership Dues

Dues: $49



Member Benefits

  • Educational Training: BSSO members receive free educational programs each quarter on soft-skills topics ranging from conflict resolution, customer service, communications skills, and more. Education is delivered through a live, virtual platform designed to meet the unique needs of safety and security personnel while providing the opportunity to stay on property for the training.
  • On-Demand Educational Resources: Most BSSO quarterly educational programs are recorded and BSSO members receive on-demand access to view programs, ensuring the opportunity for learning on an ongoing basis. Additionally, members receive on-demand access to a growing library of webinar, video, and other safety and security resources.
  • CRE Safety and Security Quarterly: Members receive a quarterly email newsletter, keeping them up to date with the latest commercial real estate safety and security trends and resources. 


“The BOMA Safety and Security Organization will meet the professional development needs of our safety and security staff, ensuring they have access to ongoing training and the latest resources to help them excel in their roles,” says Laurie Harper, Atlanta Vice President of Operations with Cousins Properties. “Our company is looking forward to our security team joining and participating.” 



“We’re excited about the new BOMA Safety and Security Organization and are proud to have our security team join,” says Melody Frcek, RPA, Vice President of Property Management with OA Management. “Through this membership, our security team will receive a tremendous educational opportunity that will bring increased value to our organization and the properties and tenants we serve.”