5 Thing That Degrade a Roof - BOMA Buzz

Sponsored by Full Circle Restoration. A building’s roof protects the rest of the commercial real estate asset. Make sure it is protected. Consider these five things that can degrade your roof. DIY REPAIRS - Improper repairs can cause more damage to the roof, lead to additional repairs, and shorten roof life. NEGLECT - Not giving a roof the same inspection attention as other systems in a property means that more can go wrong without anyone noticing. FOOT TRAFFIC - High foot traffic can wear down the materials on the roof and create more wear and tear on the roof system. WEATHER – While uncontrollable, understanding the effects the weather in the area can have on your roof is important for preventative maintenance strategies. DEBRIS - When left to collect or not properly removed in a timely manner, Debris causes roofs to deteriorate faster. As you consider your property’s roof, keep these areas in mind. Want more great content and information about roofing? Checkout https://creinsightjournal.com/category/roofing/.