Event Month DayEvent TitleCity
May 18High Performance Sustainable Building PracticesAtlanta
May 24Understanding the Building Engineering Role - AMRG MeetingAtlanta
May 25Young Professionals SIG LunchAtlanta
May 26TK Elevator Test Tower TourAtlanta
May 31Energy Management and ControlsKennesaw
Jun 2022 
Jun 2 Communications for Building Engineers - BTO LunchAtlanta
Jun 9 Communications for Building Engineers - BTO LunchAtlanta
Jun 16Industrial SIG MeetingAtlanta
Jun 22Design, Operations and Maintenance - Part IAtlanta
Jul 2022 
Jul 13Budgeting and AccountingAtlanta
Jul 192023 TOBY Kickoff and Entrant WorkshopAtlanta
Jul 20New Member OrientationAtlanta
Jul 27Design Operations and Maintenance - Part IIAtlanta
Aug 2022 
Aug 11BTO Safety SeminarAtlanta
Aug 16Young Professionals SIG BreakfastAtlanta
Aug 16Facilities Management SIG LunchAtlanta
Aug 17High Performance Sustainable Building InvestmentsAtlanta
Aug 24AMRG SIG meetingsAtlanta
Aug 24BOMA Georgia August LuncheonAtlanta
Sep 2022 
Sep 1 September 1, 2022 BTO LunchAtlanta
Sep 8 September 8, 2022 BTO LunchAtlanta
Sep 9 Third Quarter Property Management 101Atlanta
Sep 13Foundation Tee-Up for SuccessAtlanta
Sep 14Real Estate Investment and Finance 
Sep 15Industrial SIG MeetingAtlanta
Sep 16Foundations of Building Engineering 101Atlanta
Sep 20Refrigeration Systems and AccessoriesAtlanta
Sep 21BOMA Georgia September LuncheonAtlanta
Sep 302022 Sports OutingBraselton
Oct 2022 
Oct 6 ENERGY Excellence: Palisades Office Park TourAtlanta
Oct 12TOBY Entrant WorkshopAtlanta
Oct 13Ethics Is Good BusinessĀ® ShortCourseAtlanta
Oct 19Tour of BuildingsAtlanta
Oct 26New Member OrientationAtlanta
Oct 28Industrial SIG MeetingAtlanta
Nov 2022 
Nov 1 Boilers, Heating Systems and Applied MathematicsAtlanta
Nov 1 Young Professionals After HoursAtlanta
Nov 2 Fall Free SeminarAtlanta
Nov 3 November 3, 2022 BTO LunchAtlanta
Nov 4 2022 Fall Foundation OutingBraselton
Nov 9 BOMA Georgia November LuncheonAtlanta
Nov 10November 10, 2022 BTO LunchAtlanta
Nov 11BOMA Georgia/HomeAid-Atlanta Service ProjectForest Park
Nov 15TOBY Judging WorkshopAtlanta
Nov 16Asset ManagementAtlanta
Dec 2022 
Dec 1 AMRG MeetingAtlanta
Dec 1 Fall Foundation Benefit 
Dec 6 BOMA 360 Workshop 
Apr 2023 
Apr 132023 BOMA Southern Region ConferenceOrlando
May 2023 
May 102023 BOMA ShowAtlanta
May 2024 
May 8 2024 BOMA ShowAtlanta