2023 BOMA 360 Criteria

Guidance for BOMA 360 Prerequisite

Use this guidance document if you are completing BOMA 360 for the first time or you already have the BOMA 360 designation. This document outlines the procedure for completing your BOMA 360 prerequisite for TOBY for each scenario.

2023 TOBY Entry Requirements


BOMA Georgia 2024 TOBY Awards Program

Each year, BOMA Georgia presents TOBY (The Outstanding Building of the Year) Awards to some of Georgia’s top buildings. The TOBY Awards recognize excellence in building operations and management. The awards are presented annually at the TOBY and Association Awards Luncheon in February each year.

Building Entries represent the best in building operations and management across 14 categories. These include:

  • Corporate Facility
  • Earth
  • Historical Building
  • Industrial Office Building
  • Medical Office Building
  • Renovated Building
  • Suburban Office Park (Low-Rise)
  • Suburban Office Park (Mid-Rise)
  • Under 100,000 Square Feet
  • 100,000-249,999 Square Feet
  • 250,000-499,999 Square Feet
  • 500,000 – 1 Million Square Feet
  • Over 1 Million Square Feet
  • Mixed-Use Category

Steps For Entrant

  1. Complete the Intent to Enter and pay your $195 entry fee by Nov. 10, 2023.
  2. Add your BOMA 360 Designated Building, or Complete your BOMA 360 Application at https://recognition.boma.org. The last date to have your BOMA 360 completed for the BOMA Georgia local TOBY Awards competition is Sept. 30, 2023.

  3. Complete your online TOBY application at https://recognition.boma.org by December 7, 2023 deadline.

    SHARE YOUR DATA: Entrants must share their data with BOMA International using ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager. Here is how...

See the TOBY Resources section for entry requirements, application judging forms and building inspection forms for all property types.

Notes For Judges

TOBY judges are comprised of property managers, facility manager, engineers and property vendors and service providers. To be a TOBY Judge, you must first join the TOBY Judging Committee. Membership in BOMA Georgia is required. To join the committee, complete and return the committee sign-up form , or email TOBY Committee Liaison, Jacob Wilder.

Next, you must attend a mandatory judging workshop. Once you have joined the TOBY Committee, you will be invited to the required workshop date.

Check your calendars! TOBY Judges should be prepared to make the following time commitments:

  1. Attend the mandatory workshop date
  2. Be prepared to serve as a TOBY proctor (an impartial third party between the judging team and the property entrant). Proctors for TOBY competition will be selected by the TOBY Committee leadership, but requests to proctor will be considered.
  3. Be available for TOBY application judging occurring Monday, Jan. 8, 2023 -Friday, Jan. 12, 2024. Application review and judging is self-paced, but application scores must be received by Friday, January 12, 2024.
  4. Be available for TOBY building inspection tours (building judging) occurring Monday, Jan. 15, 2023 –Friday Jan. 19, 2024. Your proctor will arrange a two-hour tour between the entrant and you and your fellow judges.
  5. Be available, if needed, to participate in TOBY counseling. All winning and non-winning local entrants will receive an application review from selected TOBY judges and proctors that prepares them for next year’s competition or regional entry.

Please note that available judging slots are limited. The TOBY Committee Leadership attempts to place all workshop entrants on a judging team, but this is not guaranteed. Occasionally, unplaced judges are asked to fill in or participate in other portions of the TOBY Program.